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As the owner of Lataysha Ann beauty. She has been in the health field for over 12 years. Three of those years she spent as a specialty in aesthetics. Lataysha has always had a passion for helping others which is the reason she became a nurse. She has always been interested in esthetics, so when she found out about aesthetics that she could perform as a nurse she became dedicated to the field of aesthetics. ​From doing permanent makeup. Such as creating eyebrows for those who have been through chemotherapy or performing body contouring on those who have weight loss issues. Lataysha jokes if she had 1$ for each time someone has told her “ she changed their life “ she would be a millionaire. Lataysha takes pride in her services knowing they are effective, safe, and make people feel beautiful. Lataysha has also worked on influences from Ms. Ohio USA to Apryl Jones reality star. Teaching aesthetics is also a passion of hers that is another way of changing people’s lives. Not in esthetically but financially.