How to teach your beauty skill e book


Don’t let fear hold you back! 
The reason I started teaching is because of all the trainings I attended. Once I graduated and wanted to continue my education. I felt completely ripped off. I knew I wasn’t the only person feeling this way so I started teaching to really give people the knowledge and set them up for success.

Teaching your beauty skill can bring in extra income and you are changing people's lives. 
These skills are usually add-ons to your field like things you don’t learn in esthetician or cosmetologist school! 
For example:
-Eyelash extension
-How to do I tips
-How to apply lace fronts
-How to do lymphatic draining massage & that’s not even half !!!!!

This book will help you organize your training, get students to book, and tips on how to set your students up for success & more 


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How to teach your beauty skill e book

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