Hyaluron Pen ( needle less lip filler course )


This product is an Online Only course the kit is not included.  When you purchase the course the video training will be sent within 24 hours. 


• You do NOT need to be a doctor, nurse, or cosmetologist to take this course!

🚫 No Needle 🚫 No Injection 🚫 No Pain!


  • Understanding the mechanics of the Hyaluron Pen
  • Understanding Hyaluronic Acid & its chemical composition
  • Anatomy of the Skin
  • Health and Safety Precautions
  • Client Consultation
  • How to assemble the Hyaluron Pen and what its parts are used for
  • Application procedures for Lips,
  • Post Appointment Information
  • Client Precare & Aftercare







Please email latayshaannbeauty@gmail.com  if you have problems purchasing the course!   You will receive a certificate once you are approved for certification after the test. You do not need a license to take this course, but you must do your due diligence and check your State/Country's rules and regulations. This is to make sure you can legally perform this service and that you do not have to go to any other specific training program. All classes are non-refundable - NO EXCEPTIONS. 

The videos will consist of a lecture, demonstration videos, and where to purchase supplies from. You will also receive a manual.  After training is finished you should email and request me to send you your test. After you pass your test, email latayshaannbeauty@gmail.com. I will email you within a week with your certificate and consent forms.

Online Instructor: Lataysha Ann    

Contact: latayshaannbeauty@gmail.com  

In this course, you will learn theory, product descriptions, and uses, where to purchase the product, client consultations, hands-on videos example.    


 **Kit and supplies are sold separately**

Hyaluron Pen ( needle less lip filler course )